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It's Back: Mary Janes of 2024

 The biggest trend this 2024: Mary Janes – these timeless shoes that effortlessly blend vintage charm with modern sophistication. With their signature strap across the shoe, adorned with delicate buttons or chic buckles, Mary Janes exude a sense of playfulness and whimsy that captivates hearts and minds alike.


Do you know that Mary Janes were originally designed for little boys (known as Buster Browns)? As times change, Mary Janes increasingly symbolize girlhood across history, from memorable picture days to iconic dolls like the American Girl Doll, which showcases these preppy Mary Janes as an integral component of the overall ensemble.

The History Of Mary Janes

Following last year's craze over these vintage preppy shoes, the rage over them continued into 2024, accompanied by the coquette and soft girl aesthetics, which only serves to further accentuate how timeless and popular Mary Jane shoes are. The classic Mary Janes are characterized by a closed, rounded toe and a low-cut vamp, paired with that distinctive strap that secures the shoe with effortless grace, making them a coveted staple in every fashion-forward woman's wardrobe. Though there are many designs of Mary Janes being reimagined in the market, this unique combination of characteristics remain what defines Mary Janes as Mary Janes.


As shared by Vogue, Mary Janes first gained popularity amongst flappers in the 1920s, before picking up serious credibility in the 1960s when they graced the feet of It girls like Jane Birkin and Twiggy. They had another big moment during the 1990s when grunge ruled supreme, with clunky variations of Mary Janes stomping the streets and red carpets. The strapped shoe had its most recent comeback since 2023, which was marked by coquettish fashion and subverted schoolgirl aesthetics.

Currently, Mary Janes have also evolved with times, with more variations of Mary Janes up and coming.

Types Of Mary Janes

For maximum stability, these mary janes are designed with block heels. Whether you choose to go for a higher heeled Mary Janes or one with a lower block heel, double or single-strapped, they are must-have versatile pieces for work-to-event wears. As an extra comfort, we designed them with soft cushioned soles and lining.

Mary Janes Flats: Fiona Mary Janes, Serene Ballerina Mary Janes

Aligning with the coquette trend that are also popular to date, these Mary Janes Flats feature either a cute ribbon or ballerina aesthetics that will bring out the soft girl in you. 

Extra bonus: These shoes come with cushioned soles and lining to walk or stand in for long.

Unique Mary Janes: Pointed-Toe Beau Mary Janes v. Slingback Aira Mary Janes

Not only will the pointed Mary Janes create a leg-lengthening effect, they are also perfect for professional office wear. With the soft cushioned soles, they're comfortable and easy to walk in during commuting as well. 

On the other hand, Aira definitely is a more unique twist to the traditional Mary Janes. The Mary Janes feature a slingback and T-bar design that's classic and contemporary all in one. 

How to style The Mary Janes

Mary Janes are the epitome of versatility, seamlessly transitioning from day to night with unparalleled elegance. For a chic daytime look, pair your Mary Janes with a flowing midi skirt and a crisp blouse – channeling vintage vibes with a modern twist. Looking to make a statement for a night in town? Opt for a glossy and sleek, black Mary Janes paired with a sleek ensemble – a timeless combination that never fails to impress.

Vacation, Casual Wear

Shoe Pick: Serene Ballerina Mary Janes or Fiona Mary Janes  

Style with a crop top and a maxi flowy skirt or go for chic look with a simple A-line dress

Office, Professional Wear

Shoe Pick: Aira Mary Janes or Beau Mary Janes

Style them with a blazer and a tailored pants or a bodycon maxi dress

Versatile - Work to Event Wear

Shoe Pick: Dainty Delight Mary Janes or Carrie Mary Janes 

Marry these with your whole wardrobe — be it dresses, pants, jumpsuits or skirts


The Carrie Mary Janes is part of DMK's signature collection, and we are launching more variations of Carrie so do keep a look out for them. Guess what other colours or variations will be launched next!

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