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Hi, We're DMK

And here's our "Once Upon A Time"

Our mission:
Look Good,
Feel Good,
Do Good

It all started with our co-founder's wide feet against the world (Wendy's feet, to be exact).
Like many women who had wide feet and liked dressing up, the struggle to find fashionable, comfortable shoes was real for Wendy. If a shoe looked great, her feet wouldn't feel so. If the shoe felt great, she didn't wanna be seen in them. The "best of both worlds" didn't exist.
Until DMK did.
In 2000, DMK was founded in Singapore as a Singaporean brand and began to serve sass and comfort in Singapore, whipping up fashion footwear for women that's snuggly and stylish - because we believe you can have your cake and eat it too. We also began designing trending bags because everyone told us they love matching cute arm candies with their shoes.
What does DMK mean?
DMK stands for Dormika, a lively fusion of three Chinese words “多蜜佳”, which is meant to symbolise an abundance of sweetness and positivity - feelings we hope for women to radiate as they strut, thrive, and glow through life.
Post our 2020 rebrand glow-up, we've clued in that glam isn't our only game – supporting the community as a whole should be our master plan. So, we rallied for and funded amazing social organisations that are dedicated to making a difference to the community, including Breast Cancer Foundation, United Women Singapore, Star Shelter, Prout, and Daughters of Tomorrow.
As of 2023, we're flaunting a fierce partnership with Resilience Collective – a social organisation equally devoted to helping the community feel good through mental health and well-being. Together, we wanna smash those barriers that hold folks back from seeking help, and sculpt a tribe where everyone's voice, worth, and vibe are celebrated.

Psst: We also share inspirational self-love stories and rally the community for change here and on our socials as we pump up your milestones while serving looks and support.

Sisters' Message

Fun fact: DMK's a family (for real)
Hey there! We're the second-gen DMK duo, stepping into our Mum's shoes in the family business. Our Mum, Wendy Ng, built the DMK magic from the ground up with our Dad. But here's the real tea: DMK isn't just about shoes, and our Mum wasn't just building a brand - she really believed in the "look good, feel good" mantra, and wanted to spread it (like confetti) among women everywhere. Another fun fact? Our product prices don't give your wallets, or hearts, a workout, all thanks to Mum's philosophy of making DMK's value accessible for every woman.
Growing up, we witnessed her hustle, the power women possess and the impact women can create. It hit us hard: We want to make a difference, just like she did. So here we are, on a mission to revolutionise the fashion footwear industry while giving back, celebrating community, and embracing every facet of womanhood with you.
Huge thanks for having us on your journey with courage, and we can't wait to continue on more fun and crazy adventures together!


Eileen Goh, Chief Creative Officer
Sophia Goh, Chief Operating Officer

The DMK Difference


Defying industry norms, we actually test the fit of our collections on real women (hint: from wide, bunion, to narrow feet babes). So, we are pretty confident when we say that regardless of feet type, we got your fit type.


We like to keep you in step with fashion (pun intended). That's why we design a variety of collections for you. No matter the occasion or your personal style, we got the latest drops for your hottest walks.


We feel your pain. There's nothing worse than having to try to break in a shoe. That's why we obsess over every detail of our shoes, from material to stitching and finish, so you can simply slip them on and strut your stuff - all without worrying about painful break-in time.