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International Women's Month 2022: 
DMK x Breast Cancer Foundation

March 2022

Here at DMK, we believe in looking good, feeling good and doing good. For International Women's Month 2022, we aimed to make a difference by supporting the women community in helping them to #journeywithcourage.


In support of Breast Cancer Foundation, our #BeCouragousFor campaign hoped to put a spotlight on early breast cancer detection. We featured two inspiring women on their journey with courage, and their experience as a breast cancer warrior and caregiver of a loved one who battled breast cancer.


We also used our social media platforms to raise awareness for breast cancer detection, and donated proceeds by providing a customised voucher booklet. As breast cancer can affect women regardless of age, the voucher booklet seeks to share breast cancer prevention and detection tips with the community.

Cindy (@boob.warrior)

Breast Cancer Survivor and Educator 

As a strong advocate for the breast cancer community, Cindy is on a mission to help turn around the negative stigma surrounding breast cancer in Singapore. In her 20s, Cindy's perspective of the word changed permanently when she was diagnosed with breast cancer. With courage and grit, she is now a proud breast cancer survivor.

In her twenties, Cindy's life took an unexpected turn when she discovered a lump on her breast. Trusting her instincts, she decided to get it checked out—a decision that proved to be life-changing. Cindy's early detection of breast cancer became the cornerstone of her triumphant journey, empowering her to conquer the battles she faced with resilience and courage.


In the quiet moments of self-reflection, Cindy faced an unfiltered truth in the mirror. "The mirror doesn't lie," she realized, acknowledging that cancer had dismantled the superficial aspects she once thought defined her – her hair, eyebrows, lashes. Looking into the reflective surface, Cindy saw a version of herself that was unrecognizable, altered by the harsh realities of the journey ahead.

During the challenging times that followed, soul-searching became Cindy's compass. Entering the crucible as one person, she emerged transformed. The struggle demanded that she discern what truly mattered. "I had to figure out what's important and what's not." The path to survival required her to marshal every ounce of strength and courage. In the shadows of uncertainty, Cindy revealed that her focus crystallized on what truly mattered – her friends and family.

The journey unfolded in two distinct chapters, each marked by its unique trials. "Two difficult moments of my journey were at the beginning and the end of my treatment." The initial stages were shrouded in the daunting uncertainty of the future, sparking nervousness about who would stand by her. Yet, the true crucible awaited towards the end. Stripped of the external attributes she once found attractive, Cindy neared her breaking point. Thoughts of halting treatments early crept in, fueled by a desire to hide from the world.

Cancer, Cindy realized, was the ultimate challenge of survival. "It starts when you find out," she mused, grappling with the fragile nature of life. The journey mirrored a sudden shift from sunny days to stormy darkness, overwhelming herself with fear and anxiety. Yet, within this tempest, the unwavering support of family and close friends emerged as a lifeline, a balm for the psychological challenges that threatened to consume her.


Acceptance became the first step, acknowledging the challenge laid before her. "Once you accept the challenge, you have to find the courage to fight and beat it." It was in the crucible of Cindy's breast cancer journey that clarity emerged. What was truly important came into focus – friends and family. To waste energy on superficial concerns would have been a surrender to the darkness. "Hence, I doubled down on what was important to me."

Cindy's Words Of Advice

To those grappling with a lack of courage, here are some words of advice from Cindy: "You must take the bull by the horn and fight for your life." Muster the courage to confront the challenges, knowing that victory will render you stronger, and gratitude will fill the spaces once occupied by fear.


"No one deserves to go through breast cancer," Cindy asserted, reflecting on the battles fought. "To deal with it, I took the bull by the horn and fought for my life." To those yet to find their courage, a reassurance echoed: "You will find the courage to fight, and when you win, you will be that much stronger, and you'll be grateful for it." In the echoes of resilience, a story unfolded – a journey of transformation, of finding strength in the face of adversity, and ultimately, gratitude for the battles won.

Charlene Sim (@msclak)

Founder of clean beauty label @glowfullyskin

Charlene is an inspiring entrepreneur and a mother of two. When her late mother was diagnosed with stage 4 breast cancer, Charlene also took on the role of a caregiver, and acted as a pillar of support for her mother through journey.

In the tapestry of life, lessons are often woven through personal experiences, and for Charlene, it began with a realization about the importance of self-care. "I think everyone should learn to take care of themselves," Charlene once said, understanding that only by prioritizing our well-being can we truly care for our loved ones. It's a responsibility, a sign of commitment to those we hold dear.

Life's unpredictable nature took an unexpected turn when Charlene's mother was diagnosed with stage 4 breast cancer. The shock was profound, and the journey that followed was both agonizing and transformative. Witnessing her pain, Charlene felt a sense of helplessness, clinging to moments of solace found in tight hugs. The realization struck: cancer doesn't discriminate, and early detection holds the key to curability. It became her mother's regret that the diagnosis came too late.

In the face of adversity, Charlene's mother exemplified bravery and decisiveness. "She showed me the real meaning of giving it your best shot and living life with no regrets. Her resilience echoed in my heart, a poignant reminder of the lessons learned during those five arduous years. The journey wasn't just hers; it became a shared odyssey, a testament to the strength that emerges when facing life head-on."

"The canvas of my perspective expanded during the five precious years spent with my mother on her breast cancer battle. We ventured to distant places, creating memories that glittered like gems in the tapestry of time. Tokyo and even Australia became our playgrounds, and amidst the laughter and adventures, my mother imparted a profound lesson. She taught me one thing, and that is to not live life with regrets. The wisdom she shared made me resilient, urging me to abandon procrastination and embrace life's opportunities without hesitation."

Charlene's Words Of Advice

"I hope to remind all women to be responsible for their well-being. Self-care and self-love is important. Being in the pink of health is one of the ways to display self-care. Do your yearly screening or self-examinations because early detection saves lives."


Breast cancer affects all - Both breast cancer warriors and caregivers. The key is to reach out to support those who need help regularly, providing a listening ear and understanding their needs. Offer to help with daily tasks, such as grocery shopping or meal preparation, to lighten their load and ensure they feel supported during challenging moments.

DMK donated 20% of proceeds from the BeCouragousFor Collection for the month of March as well as all proceeds from our Breast Cancer Awareness voucher booklet to Breast Cancer Foundation, a non-profit organisation that provides programmes and support groups for the breast cancer community in Singapore.

BeCourageousFor Collection

Supporting breast cancer involves raising awareness, fostering early detection, and providing assistance to those affected. Going for regular screenings and self-examinations that would help promote early detection, while offering emotional support and resources for individuals undergoing treatment fosters a compassionate community. By participating in advocacy initiatives and educating others, we can collectively work towards a world where breast cancer is better understood, prevented, and ultimately cured.