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DMK Care

No Cinderella shoe-falling-off drama - Our DMK Care products and services are here to make sure your DMK shoes hug you just right.

DMK Care Products

Cloud Booster

In between sizes? These inner pads are like a magic trick – half size up, just like that! Extra bonus: They're made of super comfy cushion for an extra bounce.

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Back Up Plan

Cushy support to stop the backbite blues for covered pumps or sneakers.

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Get A Grip

Slipping out of your sandals? These transparent paddings provide extra grip - no extra effort.

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Complimentary DMK Care Services


For when your shoe's length is just right but the front's a lil' bit tight.

- Complimentary even after purchase

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The key to a comfy, bite-free shoe journey = This special balm to provide a silky finish on the inner lining.

- Complimentary even after purchase

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Fit Stylists

Meet our fabulous Fit Stylists in real – they're sizing gurus, style wizards, and super smiley.

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