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DMK's 22nd Anniversary: 

Empowering Change With United Women Singapore

November 2022

In celebration of DMK's 22nd Anniversary, we collaborated with United Women Singapore (UWS), a local non-profit organization dedicated to advancing women's empowerment and gender equality. Together, we raised awareness about the prevalence of gender-based violence in Singapore, while raising funds for United Women Singapore.

Voucher Booklets

Collaborating with United Women Singapore and local brands on a mission, we've introduced impactful voucher booklets priced at just $5. All proceeds directly support United Women Singapore, maximizing the influence of our joint initiatives.


These thoughtfully curated booklets go beyond typical deals, offering not only exclusive discounts for DMK's Anniversary but also crucial information on the prevalent issue of domestic abuse faced by women in Singapore. From dispelling misconceptions to recognizing signs of abuse and outlining proactive measures, each page serves a dual purpose.


Our initiative combines celebration with advocacy, seamlessly integrating awareness into the joy of special offers. Every redemption contributes to a community fostering awareness and standing against domestic abuse. 

Through these booklets, we aimed to empower individuals with knowledge, fostering a community that was more informed, empathetic, and proactive in supporting those facing these pressing concerns.

Partnership Brands

Special shoutout to these local inspiring brands that played a pivotal role in the curation of the voucher booklets: Suki-Ya, Our Bralette Club, Poke Theory, Slap Dance Studio, Creative Eateries, The Tea Story and Typhoon Cafe

Furthermore, we've showcased three remarkable women on our social media platforms, each sharing their empowering stories of overcoming challenges and the profound inspiration that ignited their journey to make a positive impact on the community

Miss Equality World Singapore 2021, LGTBQIA+ advocate 

Beyond her crown and title, Qatrisha is a passionate advocate for raising awareness within the LGBTQIA+ community. She graciously opens up about her personal transitioning journey, aiming to inspire others and foster understanding within our community.

Qatrisha's journey was marked by a profound commitment to empowerment. "As a transwoman, I hoped to empower people and inspire the younger generation in my capacity," she passionately declared. Her words underscored the transformative potential of personal narratives in breaking down barriers and inspiring positive change.


Navigating Acceptance:
Acknowledging the challenges faced by the trans community, Qatrisha expressed gratitude for the unwavering support of her family and friends. "It was not easy for the community to accept a transwoman, so I am thankful for the support... It helped me gain the self-confidence to be who I am," she reflected. Qatrisha's story highlighted the transformative power of supportive relationships in fostering self-acceptance.

Living Authentically:

Qatrisha's hope was for everyone to find their unique path to living authentically. "My hope is that everyone is able to find their own way to live their life as they would like to be," she shared. Her advocacy extended beyond her personal journey, resonating with a universal desire for a society where individual authenticity is celebrated.


Advocacy for Anti-Violence Campaigns:
Qatrisha further extended her advocacy to support United Women Singapore's anti-violence campaigns. She emphasized the importance of using platforms to raise awareness of domestic violence. "We need to come together collectively so that victims know that there are communities that will support them, have their backs, and give them strength," she asserted.

Devika Panicker (@devikapanicker)

Advocate, Actress and Financial advisor

Devika Panicker, an extraordinary person who courageously disclosed her encounter as a survivor of sexual assault. Her narrative illustrates resilience, a dedication to advocacy, and a commitment to nurturing equilibrium in the midst of life's adversities.

Survivor's Insight:
"Being a victim of sexual assault when I was young, I realized I did not have anyone to speak to who understood my experience," shared Devika. Inspired by Oprah Winfrey's story, she found representation crucial to her healing journey. However, the fear of speaking up initially held her back.


Normalization of Conversations:
As Devika grew older, she confided in others about her experience, discovering the prevalence of unspoken issues surrounding sexual assault. "Initially, it felt like a coincidence, but the more people I spoke to, the more I realized that it was a prevalent issue that so many kept quiet about - which is also partially why perpetrators get away, because everyone was afraid to talk about it," she reflected. Determined to break the silence, she advocated for normalizing conversations around these topics to support victims and hold perpetrators accountable.

Advocacy for Anti-Violence Initiatives:
"I strongly support the anti-violence initiatives by United Women Singapore," emphasized Devika. She believes collective participation is vital in normalizing conversations about sexual assault, a powerful step toward fostering understanding and support.

Balancing Act: 
To achieve balance in her demanding life, Devika emphasized the importance of meditation. "Meditating gave me moments of calmness and helped me ground myself," she shared. Furthermore, she advised that taking breaks from work was another strategy, allowing her time for self-communication and maintaining a healthy mental space.


Self-Acceptance and Well-Being: 
Lastly, Devika advocated for the connection between looking and feeling good. She believed that self-acceptance, especially in a world obsessed with perfection, was key to cultivating a positive mindset and genuine well-being. Devika expressed, "The feel-good aspect comes from self-acceptance. In this era, where everything is curated and everyone aims for perfection, it would magnify the imperfections that we see in ourselves, and we might often forget that everyone is imperfect too."

Kerstin Ong (@Kerstinong)

National athlete, Content creator and Marketeer

Kerstin's story unfolds from one of the most challenging periods of her life in 2018, as she courageously shared her experience of sexual assault, to becoming a fervent advocate for anti-violence causes and a firm believer in the transformative power of passion.

Standing Against the Tide: 
Reflecting on the tumultuous year of 2018, Kerstin recounted the decision to publicly disclose her experience of sexual assault. She expressed, "Back then, reporting sexual assaults against your coaches was not a norm in the sports realm. Hence, I was going against the current by resisting peer pressure to shed light on my case while potentially jeopardizing my path as an athlete by sharing it on my social media platforms." Yet, her clear goal was to normalize reporting such incidents, shedding light on the issue in the national sports world, and protecting victims' rights. Despite the trauma, she stood firm, expressing that she would never change a thing as speaking up was the right thing to do, not just for herself but for others who might face similar challenges.


Advocacy in Action: 
The athlete aligned with the causes championed by United Women Singapore, emphasizing the need to raise awareness for anti-violence. "Many people might not have been aware of such issues, how victims could seek help, or where they could go to be safe. If more people garnered support and raised awareness for anti-violence campaigns, not only could we help victims - Hopefully, perpetrators would reflect on their behavior and become more aware that what they were doing was wrong as well," she shared. Kerstin believed that by garnering support and increasing awareness, not only could victims find help, but perpetrators might also reflect on their actions and become more aware of the consequences of their behavior.

Passion Beyond Reward: 
For Kerstin, passion is a driving force, transcending mere financial reward to embrace the emotional fulfillment found in the love for sports. She shared, "Passion did not always have to be financially rewarding - it could be emotionally fulfilling as well," exemplifying the profound connection between one's love for what they do and the daily motivation to keep going.


Prioritizing Balance and Self-Love: 
In maintaining balance amidst life's demands, Kerstin underscored the importance of prioritization and adaptability. Recognizing that priorities could change, she advocated for understanding the fluid nature of life's circumstances. Anchored in the belief that self-love was crucial, she emphasized the transformative power of adequate rest for navigating each day more effectively. Kerstin shared, "As much as you can, try to remember that self-love is important, and having a good amount of rest will definitely help you get through your day better!"


Our 22nd Anniversary was concluded through an impactful collaboration with United Women Singapore and local partners, and the success of our voucher booklet initiative raised vital funds and awareness, while sparking transformation in our community. But our journey doesn't end here. Join us in fostering inclusivity and empowerment. Every voice matters. Take the next step with us—be a catalyst for positive change. Click here to find out more about United Women Singapore's movement. Together, let's build a future free from gender-based violence.