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Celebrate 2024 International Women's Day with DMK

March 2024

In collaboration with Kaci Beh and Miza Nazili

At DMK, we're on a mission to uplift women as they embark on their #JourneyWithCourage


This International Women's Day 2024, in alignment with the theme "Inspire Inclusion", we amplify the extraordinary stories of two inspiring women. Through their unwavering courage and determination, they rise up against societal norms and personal adversities, embodying the spirit of authenticity and perseverance. Their narratives stand as a beacon of inspiration, reminding us all of the boundless strength found in staying true to oneself while carving out a path towards genuine "inclusion".

Model, Student

When Kaci dropped out of her diploma program, she never imagined she'd become the successful high fashion model she is today. This International Women's Day, she shares her journey, from facing inclusion challenges to finding her place and staying true to herself.

"Empowerment, Independence, Sisterhood"

Kaci Beh on what International Women's Day means to her

How can the world inspire inclusion through action for women?

I think amplifying women’s voices and opportunities are good ways the world can inspire inclusion.

Being vocal and authentic, especially as a woman, requires courage. Can you describe your journey and how do you maintain it?

Over the years, I've improved, yet feel I haven't reached my full potential. Confidence comes with experience, and now that I am older, I have more to share, which makes me more confident in my speech. Still, everyone has good days and bad days and some days, I may still struggle. Remembering to be kind to yourself is important.

Staying True to Yourself

Share your unconventional modeling path and how it has impacted your job opportunities?

From dropping out of my diploma to being a model with tattoos, my path has been relatively unconventional. Initially, there were less work opportunities due to my tattoos. However, I was prepared for this as I knew that tattooed models weren't widely accepted in the industry yet. Despite intial setbacks, there's thankfully been a shift in acceptance, especially due to social media. Tattoos are now common on runways, and Singapore has adapted, becoming more inclusive overall.

"Looking good and feeling good is when I’m dressed up the way I feel like. I can go out barefaced but still feel myself "

Do you think dropping out of school affected your mental health?

When I dropped out of school, I felt lost. I was young back then and my only thought was that I couldn't finish school. I didn't think much about my next steps. I knew I wanted to continue studying, but I wasn't sure when or what.

Throughout this period, my mother was and continues to be my rock, offering unwavering support and love. She not only guided me through the challenges but also serves as my role model, having raised two young girls, my sister and I, into the accomplished women they are today.

 "My personal mission in women empowerment   is to Celebrate, Energize and Embody"

Kaci's Words Of Advice

Regardless of your dream, whether it's to be a model, start a business, or pursue any unconventional path, open your mind and heart to it. Especially when you're young, just take. Try everything to discover what you like and don't like. At least then, you'll know if it's the right path for you. 

"Open your mind, open your heart, and pursue your dreams"

What’s your favorite song that inspires you?

 My favourite song is Daredevil by Stellar. It inspires me every day to keep me pumped on the way to work or school.

 "You miss 100% of the shots you don’t take"

A quote that inspires Kaci Beh

As Seen On Kaci

Entrepreneur of 5 Businesses, Content Creator

Founder of not one, not two but five businesses (Naezily, Shortcutx, Tradishot, IvWhite, Beautyfyxed). Her business portfolio ranges from modest wear to beauty products and health supplements. It's remarkable how Miza, a female entrepreneur, triumphs over numerous adversities, including dropping out of Institute of Technological Education (ITE) at a young age. She inspires women both through her personal journey and her modest wear brand, Naezily, aimed at providing modern yet simple modest wear for Muslim women.

"Independent, Empowerment, Equality"

Miza Nazili on what International Women's Day means to her

How do you see yourself contributing to the mission of advancing women's rights?

My personal mission is to advocate for and empower women to uphold their rights.

What is your view on inspiring inclusion through action for women?

The world can inspire inclusion for women by creating an environment that actively supports and advocates for gender equality, diversity, and respect for women’s rights in every facet of life. This empowers women to make independent decisions, take control of their lives, and access equal opportunities.

"A world where women have the autonomy, resources, and opportunities to achieve their full potential, challenge stereotypes, break barriers, and ensure their voices are heard and valued"

Overcoming Challenges 

What pivotal moments and challenges have influenced your path as a female entrepreneur in Singapore's fashion industry?

The pivotal moment for me was realizing the extent of damage a bad decision could inflict. It hit hard when I transitioned our family F&B business from a Pasar Malam stall to a mall retail space, resulting in a substantial loss and forcing a complete restart. However, navigating the challenges of being a female entrepreneur has been an ongoing journey. Skepticism regarding my authority and appearance often undermines my credibility. As a female boss, leading a team of 17 individuals also poses its own set of challenges. Despite these obstacles, I'm determined to challenge stereotypes and succeed in the work I take pride in.

How do you manage balancing five businesses and personal life while nurturing good mental well-being to avoid burnout?

Effective time management, delegation, and avoiding micro-management are essential to prevent burnouts. Additionally, I also take breaks and go on holidays when necessary to recharge and sustain productivity.

"When you have passion, everything will come into place "

Empowering Inclusivity

How have your personal experiences shaped your approach to fostering inclusivity within Naezily and empowering women to look and feel good?

I was deeply influenced by my past experience of being fat-shamed, which is why Naezily aims to offer a wide range of styles and sizes for all women. One story that truly resonated with me was a customer who initially doubted if our clothes would fit her larger size. However, after seeing different body types featured on our website from the photoshoots, she felt empowered to try our clothes. It's moments like these that show how our brand can make women feel good about themselves.

"I want every woman, no matter her size, to feel great in Naezily "

Miza's Words Of Advice

For aspiring female entrepreneurs looking to enter the fashion industry, it's important to prioritize thorough market research. Find your niche, understand your target market, and tailor your designs accordingly to differentiate your brand but still resonates with your audience. Additionally, having a female role model is crucial for inspiration and a sense of possibility. One such figure for me is Vivy Yusof. Despite facing failures, she manages two successful businesses specifically catering to the Malay crowd.


For those struggling with mental wellness, it's important to seek help. It’s important to talk to someone and keep yourself busy. Occupying yourself by meeting friends, doing things you love, or engaging in fun activities can help distract you from problems. 

 "Never start a business just to make money, but start a business to make a difference"

A quote that inspires Miza Nazili

As Seen On Miza

Closing Words

As we celebrate International Women's Day, let us continue to break barriers, challenge norms, and uplift one another, creating a world where every woman feels empowered to embrace her uniqueness and pursue her dreams, unapologetically, while prioritizing her mental well-being.