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DMK in Harvard Business Review

DMK is now featured in Harvard Business Review!


Embarking on a transformative journey since our rebranding in 2020, we set out to redefine the landscape of the women's footwear industry as a Singaporean fashion brand, with a goal to reach beyond the realms of fashion and make a positive impact on the community. A heartfelt thank you to the brilliant minds of Singapore Management University Professor Patricia Lui, Dr. Jovina Ang, Ph.D., and Lipika Mukherjee Bhattacharya for eloquently capturing and publishing the essence of our story.


At DMK, our vision extends beyond style – it's about empowering women to look and feel incredible while making a difference. The publication of our business case study not only serves as a testament to our commitment but also allows us to share our learnings with the next generation changemakers!


The business case study explores the latest milestones in our journey, from our social impact commitment, to the collaboration with Enterprise Singapore for The Red Dot showcase in New York. Some lesser-known information is also unveiled, such as the meaning behind DMK's name, the humble beginnings of our first boutique, and an in-depth chronicle of our rebranding expedition tailored to resonate with Gen Z and millennials in the midst of the pandemic.


This feature is not just a recognition; It's a celebration of our shared values and a call to action for everyone to join us in shaping a future where style and social responsibility seamlessly coexist. Let's continue to stride forward and leave an indelible mark on the world!


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