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Legs for Days: What are Leg-lengthening Shoes?    

Wondering how to have longer legs in pictures? Do you know the shoe features that elongate your legs? 


Try heels and flats in pointed toes, slingbacks, slip-ons or asymmetrical straps to achieve a leg-lengthening effect. Skin coloured and transparent shoes work wonders to accentuate leg length as well. 

Pointed shoes that feel comfy

Do you know that pointed toed shoes actually create the illusion of longer legs by elongating your feet length?

Pointed Heel Pumps are perfect for dinner dates or just get the classic black heel for work. Or how about a pointed shoe with a little twist for professional social events.

From block heels to flat pumps or kitten heels, find the perfect pointed shoes for the optimal leg-lengthening effect with maximum comfort and stability for a whole day of walking.

Slingbacks and Mules

Avoid straps at the ankle or in the middle of your feet opt for slingbacks or mules instead. Think of legs for days without any straps to stop the visual flow. Within DMK's slingback collection, most are pointed to add that extra length. Discover slingback pumps, slingback flats and more.

Not a fan of back straps? Find easy slip on shoes with these mules, perfect for every occasion yet still sophisticated enough to make a statement. With these recommended shoe designs, they give off an extended visual impact with leg lengthening effects due to uninterrupted visual line.

Are you Team Neutral or Transparent?

The key is for the shoe to blend with your skin colour for the visual flow to continue all the way to the tip of your toes. Opt for a pair of shoe that matches your skin tone. From nude heels to brown sandals, find your Cinderella shoe (for your skin tone).

Or step out in your own skin with these transparent and clear shoes. 

Asymmetrically Strappy

Love strappy shoes but still wanting the leg-lengthening effect? The diagonal lines created by asymmetrical straps spiral naturally up the back of your feet, making your feet (and leg) look longer. From platform sandals to wedge sandals, choose flat sandals for casual outings or heel sandals for socialites.

The strappy shoes that still gives the leg-lengthening effect: Celeste Heel Sandals, Mielle Wedge Sandals, Layla Flat Sandals

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