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Lunar New Year 2024: 

Your Wardrobe Colours and Shoe-Must-Haves

As the vibrant and joyous festivities of the Lunar New Year approach, it is time to curate a wardrobe that beautifully blends popular Lunar New Year colours and subtle details. The Year of the Dragon calls for outfits that not only pay homage to tradition but also showcase your individual style. Here's a guide to essential wardrobe pieces that capture the spirit of the Lunar New Year:

Must-Have Colours For Lunar New Year 2024

The most significant colour for Lunar New Year is red, symbolising good luck, happiness, and prosperity. If red is a tad too bold for you, other celebratory colours like yellow, gold, pink, and green would add a touch of style to the auspicious notes. 

Yellow shoes stands out by adding a pop of brightness to your outfit, bringing a touch of sophistication to an otherwise laid-back ensemble. 

 Gold shoes, especially in metallic tones, can serve as a versatile neutral base. The warm tones of gold can add a sense of warmth to your outfit.

Wearing pink shoes can infuse playfulness into your outfit, creating a gentle and charming aesthetic that is perfect for casual and fun Lunar New Year gatherings. 

Adding green shoes to a neutral outfit introduces a touch of colour, contributing to a balanced and harmonious look.

Subtle Details For The Lunar New Year

If you prefer a more casual and modern style, mesh details can be a trendy option. This is a comfortable choice that still incorporates the Lunar New Year element. 

Crystals have a timeless and enduring quality. While fashion trends may come and go, the classic and elegant look of crystal buckles and embellishments has a lasting appeal that transcends seasons and style changes. 

Silver is a neutral metallic colour that pairs well with traditional Lunar New Year colours such as red and gold. Whether it is silver buckles, or metallic accents, these details can complement and enhance the festive colour palette.

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