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Navigating the Festive Season: 

A Guide to Mental Wellness

Written in collaboration with Resilience Collective

The year end is often a time of celebration and joy as we spend time together with our loved ones. But for others, the festive season might bring about overwhelming emotions of different feelings and negative thoughts. For this festive season, we continue our partnership with Resilience Collective (RC), a non-profit mental health organisation dedicated to advocating for and supporting young adults with mental health challenges and conditions through peer support. Learn more examples of coping with the festivities that were shared by members of their peer support group, Circles of Resilience, below.

Tip #1: It’s Essential to Assert Boundaries
Even though sensitive questions might be asked or if someone makes you feel uncomfortable during a festive gathering, it is important to put physical distance between yourself and the person and opt to sit with someone you feel safer with. 


Tip #2: You Are Seen 
We might feel lonelier than usual but we learn to keep ourselves occupied and try to do something for ourselves, because we are worthy. Many of us are going through similar situations and our feelings and struggles are valid. Regardless, we’re all here to support each other through it all.


Tip #3: You Will Make It Through It! 
Take it slow when socialising with lots of people as it can be very challenging. A reminder to be kind to ourselves and take breaks whenever necessary is helpful. Acknowledge any negative thoughts, breathe and look forward to the next day. It will get better!


Photo Credit: Resilience Collective

Looking for a community to journey with? Learn more about RC and their various initiatives here. Through peer support groups, individuals with mental health challenges find a community and safe space to receive support, and equip themselves to cope with their condition(s). Register to be a member here.

Let's continue to support one another as the year draws to a close, while ensuring that more young adults in need of mental health support find a safe community they can turn to!