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DMK Turns 23!

DMK Turns 23!

Celebrating 23 Years


23 amazing years have passed and many things have changed along the way, but our commitment to uplifting our community on their journey to wellness, both inside and out, remains steadfast.



Shine on with the DMK Sparkle Birthday Collection this year, as we seek to light the way to improved mental health, while celebrating the inspiring women who have been part of our community. 23% of the collection's sales go to supporting the amazing mental health initiatives at Resilience Collective, helping you look and feel your best. Let's come together to support and spread the word about Resilience Collective, ensuring that more youths in need discover the safe haven they can turn to for mental health support.



In celebration of DMK's 23rd Anniversary, Eileen and Sophia Goh, DMK's Chief Creative Officer and Chief Operating Officer, who are also the second-generation owners, share their outlook on the path ahead.



"In the years to come, our heartfelt hope is that the fashion industry will undergo a profound transformation, one that resonates with a heightened sense of social responsibility. We envision a future where companies embrace a broader mission, extending their support well beyond the confines of their core products or services. For us, this means actively contributing to causes we believe in and using our platform to raise awareness for important issues - such as our partnership with Resilience Collective. At DMK, we're committed to leading the way in this transformative journey, and we're excited to see the industry as a whole move towards a more socially conscious and impactful future."



23% of proceeds from The Sparkle Collection go to Resilience Collective:


Shine On Crystal Heel Sandals



These comfortable crystal heel sandals are on a mission to make you the center of attention at any gathering, whether it's a wedding or a ritzy affair. With their cushioned base, you'll feel like you're floating on a cloud while you work your magic on the aisle. Step into the limelight with these elegant heel sandals for infusing elegance and charm into your wedding or evening dresses.


Price: $53.90

Available in: Silver, Black, Nude

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Brighter Crystal Flat Sandals



These double strap flat sandals have a sparkling twist, the perfect blend of sass and comfort. Apart from adding a touch of shine to even the most casual looks, those cushioned soles have got you covered comfortably, making sure you're turning heads and feeling fabulous.


Price: $46.90

Available in: Silver, Black, Nude

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