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"The Oasis" at DMK Plaza Singapura


We are excited to reveal "The Oasis," our newly transformed Plaza Singapura boutique that offers a unique retail experience through the marriage of History, Tranquility, and Sustainability. This boutique revamp serves to align with our mission to empower the community to look and feel good while making a positive impact on the world beyond just fashion.


Fun Facts:

1. The entire revamp took place across 4 nights while keeping our doors open for business during the day!
2. Dhoby Ghaut was once a thriving river stream where hardworking Indian washermen, also known as "dhobis," would gather to wash clothes. Hence, the name "Dhoby Ghaut" comes from the Hindi words "Dhobi", meaning "washerman", and "Ghat", meaning "a series of steps leading down to a body of water".



Our mission with "The Oasis" goes beyond creating a pleasant shopping experience. We hope it serves as a symbol of a more mindful and sustainable future, inspiring visitors to embark on their own journey of resilience and hope. As a reminder of the power of courage and community, we included personal stories of inspirational women from different walks of life, gathered since our rebranding journey in 2020. These stories are showcased in a captivating custom-design rotating display, serving as a constant source of inspiration and empowerment for visitors.


On History and Tranquility

Drawing inspiration from the lively history of Dhoby Ghaut as a bustling river stream and the hardworking Indian washermen, we sought to honor their legacy by integrating blue and white features and river wave patterns throughout the boutique. In the midst of a bustling city, our aim was to create an alluring sanctuary for our community that inspires, rejuvenates, and heals. Hence, we blended history with elements of a serene desert oasis, merging sandy hues, floral arrangements, and displays with shapes reminiscent of natural stones found in desert landscapes.

Our Efforts to Sustainability

At DMK, we are committed to sustainable practices and actively contributing to Plaza Singapura's green initiatives. With a clear vision in mind, apart from helping our community to look- and feel-good, the other goal of our revamp project looks to embrace eco-friendly practices and transform waste into wonder and art.


Instead of demolishing the boutique entirely, we chose to preserve key elements that resonate with the rich history of Dhoby Ghaut. Our goal was to minimize waste while creating a space that honors the past and paves the way for a brighter, more sustainable future. The glass shelves, reminiscent of the steps that once led to Dhoby Ghaut's river stream, were carefully retained to evoke a sense of history and continuity.


In an exciting collaboration with two innovative sustainable brands, Semula and Roger&Sons, we breathed new life into discarded materials, transforming them into stunning works of art. With Semula, we crafted beautiful blue and white display pieces that pay homage to Dhoby Ghaut's river stream history. It took us three months to conceive and create these unique pieces, which are made from 2,045 discarded plastic bottles! Inspired by the art of piecing together stained glass windows, the Semula team intricately tiled wave-shaped displays using repurposed plastic, including white milk bottles and blue bottle caps. These displays celebrate the beauty found in imperfections, reminding us that sustainability can be both artful and meaningful. Additionally, we teamed up with Roger&Sons to transform salvaged trees, originally felled for urban development, into striking and sustainable wood displays that enhance the boutique's ambiance.


We firmly believe that every small step we take counts toward building a more sustainable world, and we are dedicated to playing our part.

To celebrate this joyous occasion, we also hosted a Revamp Party from 28-30 April 2023 which saw close to a thousand hashtag #DMKCommunity members, media friends and supportive partners joining us. They participated in a range of thoughtful activities and fun promotions to highlight mental wellness while raising funds and awareness for Resilience Collective Ltd. We also collaborated with wellness-focused, inspiring partners including Alchemy Foodtech, Blood, wy:now, Glowfully, Far East Flora Pte Ltd, and The Tea Story.


Head down to our newly revamped "The Oasis" Plaza Singapura Boutique (#02-08) and join us in celebrating this exciting new chapter. 

28 April 2023