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DMK October Style Stars

DMK October Style Stars
Celebrating the inspiring women who looked amazing in #DMKSHOES

As Seen On Aola Azizan

Aola (@aolaazizan) in Crystal Clear Confidence Heel Pumps

Say yes to stylish heel pumps for those who like to see life from a higher perspective, all in cushioned soles for all-day comfort that you deserve.

Price: $49.90

Available in: Nude Pink, Beige, Black

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As Seen On Boonki

Boonki (@bimbiboon) in Slay All Day Ankle Boots

These ankle boots provide round-the-clock comfort in the form of feet hugs. And we promise you, no more shoelace drama, just zip-on-and-go.

Price: $79.90

Available in: Beige, Black

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As Seen On Tay Zhi Yan

Zhi Yan (@zhiyantay) in Dance The Night Heel Sandals

Bringing out barbie dreams in these cute faux fur heels, amped up with extra comfort for that extra height, no extra effort.

Price: $53.90

Available in: Blue, Pink, Black

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